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Arundel Heart Associates

Information for our Patients

Text Box: Welcome to Arundel Heart Associates.

New Patients

In order to make your first visit as productive as possible please bring the following items with you.
Insurance Cards
Referral Slip (if required)
All medications, both prescription and over the counter medications that you are currently taking.
Any medical reports you may have such as prior hospitalizations, X-ray reports, cath reports or films, lab reports, etc.
Drivers license or other picture ID
Name of Primary Care Physician.

Please try to arrive early so that you can complete new patient forms.  You may download and print these ahead of time and bring these with you.

Text Box: Established Patients

Please notify us of any change in insurance coverage or home address as soon as this happens.
Always remember to bring all your medications with you, or if you prefer bring an  up to date list of all your medicines.  Please include the name of the medication, the dose, and how often you take it. This is one of the most important things you can do to get the maximum benefit from your visit.
Please bring your referral slip (if required)
Let the receptionist know as soon as you arrive if you have had any blood tests or any other major test (including those by other doctors) so we can get them before you go in and see the doctor. This makes the time with the doctor more efficient for you.
We try to call all patients 24-48 hrs before their  appointments as a reminder. If you canít make it please call and notify us as early as possible (even if itís the same day) so we can use that time for other patients.
Text Box: Prescription Refills

Prescription can be refilled  several different ways. Always try to request refills with enough advance notice so that you donít run out of medications.
Refills can be requested at the time of the office visit.
You can have the pharmacy  request the refill from our office. (They will usually fax us a request which we sign, and fax back to the them).
You can request that we fax the refill request directly to the pharmacy ( please provide the pharmacy fax number when making the request so we can be sure it is sent to the correct pharmacy)